“A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all the books in the world” - Louis Pasteur -

The men

Patrick Somers

Patrick was born in a wine merchant family in Belgium. Fascinated by this profession, Patrick Somers bought Château Donats in 1994. He understood the huge potential of this traditional estate right away. His objective is to produce outstanding wines that reflect the charms of this region.

"A never-ending search for improvement in quality and originality"

Since his arrival, the vineyards and the estate have undergone a significant transformation. The estate’s great reputation is forged on Patrick Somers’ philosophy and continuous search for the best quality.

Olivier Verhelst

In 2011, engineer oenologist Olivier Verhelst joined the team as viticulturist and winemaker. Olivier has been trained by the most respected professionals in the wine world, such as Michel Rolland, Stephane Derenoncourt, Bernard Magrez, Bill Harlan.

"We try to get back to the basics of winemaking by focussing on the elementary aspects of nature. We need to restore the contact between the vineyard, the winemaker and the consumer."

As a true believer of “terroir”, he guides the future development of the estate towards a better understanding of the essence of the vineyard. His knowledge about innovative tools leads to more accurate winemaking, which unveils all inherent qualities of the grapes.