“Wine is the fruit of the vineyard and the product of men” - French proverb -


The vineyard overlooks the Dordogne Valley. Château Donats covers 9 hectares of white vines and 6 hectares of red vines in the districts of Saint-Nexans and Conne de Labarde. Great wines are produced out of a wide variety of vines, each one adapted to the specificities of each parcel. Sustainability and the respect for the vineyard’s biodiversity are fundamental values of the estate’s philosophy.

“The wines are the result of a respectful symbiosis between man and nature.”

A thorough study of the soil has revealed an extraordinary diversity in soil profiles. This diversity facilitates a multitude of different matches between parcels and grape varieties and underscores the marvellous complexity of the different wines.

The vines of Conne de Labarde thrive on sandy loam lying on top of a very deep rock layer. These are thick, more or less resaturated luvisolic-redoxic soils that produce wines with a bold and expressive character.

The Saint-Nexans soils are more heterogeneous, with remnants of the bedrock of Agen. A surface layer that ranges from sandy loam to silty clay superimposes the latter. These are alluvial soils with diverse characteristics, which results in a greater diversity of vines, depending on the characteristics of each parcel.